dance camp.


Even though we have been busy with the shop opening, I was able to teach at the BYU dance camp the last two weeks. I had been looking forward to it all summer. I taught modern/contemporary technique, composition, improvisation, and reparatory. I admit it was a little strange to be back on campus, but I absolutely loved it. It made me realize how much I really love teaching. (Believe it or not, this was my very first teaching job.) I sure do miss dancing. There is nothing better than starting your morning dancing in a huge two-story studio with floor to ceiling windows. And I've learned, there is nothing better than seeing a group of girls smiling back at you, eager to learn.

You dancers are amazing. You have so much potential and strength, and it was fun spending every day in class together. Please, continue to do what you love and feel free to call me if you ever need help. You are all going far, ladies!

(This picture is of my intermediate class. But, I wanted all my classes to know that I love them, too!)

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