dinner with friends.






Yesterday, we had some friends over for dinner. And yes, you are seeing correctly, Miss Kimi Rooney is back in town! Kimi is one of my best friends. She has been serving a mission in Texas for the last year and a half, and I have missed her so much. She just got back in Provo yesterday, and so I snagged the first opportunity I had to get our little group of friends together for dinner. It was absolutely perfect. I have some of the best friends around. They love life, and they are not afraid to throw their heads back and laugh out loud. We had tacos out on the lawn, sitting around a card table with mismatched chairs. I wish we had taken more pictures, but we were having way too much fun.

I love getting friends together. And, I am really going to miss JJ, and the Wests when they leave town. It's crazy how much Provo has changed over the years, but having Kimi back makes it feel like she never left.

I forgot to mention--one of our belts was featured on simplesong last week, by our friend Amanda Jones. We are extremely flattered, seeing as Amanda has such great style. And, I love the outfit she put together.