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So, our southern Utah trip fell through this weekend. It was a crazy, busy week. But, Sam and I decided to get out of Provo for a bit, and take a little day trip. We spent the day up in Midway and Heber, and took a detour on the way home to see Cascade Springs. We have been to Heber a few times, but I had never stopped to see Midway before. I loved the Swiss history apparent in all of the architecture and paintings. It was a beautiful day. We both felt like the day started off a little funky, but by the end I think the distance and fresh air did us some good. We came home with full stomachs, a small pile of thrift finds, and an armful of wild sage and thistles.

If you ever find yourself in Midway or Heber, UT:
1. Sidetrack Cafe (Heber)- We didn't actually eat at this place this weekend, but we have in the past and it is still our favorite restaurant in the area. Their food is packed with flavor. Try the black bean soup, or enchurito.

2. St. Lawrence Thrift Store (Heber)- Sam and I stop by here every time we are in the area. I left with a darling baby swimsuit for the shop and a great pair of 1970's wood heels for me, and Sam hauled off a huge, vintage Swingline stapler.

3. Cafe Galleria (Midway)- This place specializes in wood-fired pizza and bagels. We had the goat cheese/pepper pizza, and the pesto/chicken pizza. It still doesn't beat the pizza at Escalante Outfitters, but it sure hit the spot.

4. Midway Mercantile (Midway)- This antique shop is in the old mercantile. I eavesdropped on a conversation with the owner and an older lady who said that she used to walk to the mercantile for penny candy when she was young. I loved it. I spent awhile pawing through a table covered in beaded purses with matching belts. She has a great collection of antique furniture, too. Sam left with two 1960's Charlie Brown litho printed books-- this one and this one. We are not sure, but one or both of them might be first editions.

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