utah lake.







This last weekend, we took a spontaneous trip down the road for a picnic at Utah Lake with the Williams. These pictures were taken in the very peaceful and beautiful 15 minutes that we first arrived--the sunset was gorgeous, the picnic was delicious, and there was a cool breeze coming off the lake. We started to get some coals glowing for our dutch oven cobbler, and somehow cute baby Jo ended up naked (ok, maybe she had a little accident.) Then suddenly, the sun went down and huge swarms of monster mosquitoes began attacking. The next five minutes looked a little like this: the girls running to the car, trying to calm Josie down, and attempting to plug up the only open window with a sweatshirt as mosquitoes started flooding in. The boys running around throwing things into the car, discarding hot coals, and attempting to balance an overflowing dutch oven in the trunk. I know it sounds a little melodramatic, but I swear I am not exaggerating.

We ended up back at the Williams', nursing our mosquito bites, and spent the rest of the evening watching Coco Before Chanel and eating peach cobbler (baked in the oven). It was perfect.

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