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I am so excited to show off our first Australian submission. This is little, baby Edie, daughter of Lili. She is wearing one of my favorite children's items from the shop, thus far. I found this little top in an antique store, called Man in the Moon. I thought that it was the perfect shape, with the perfect vintage floral pattern. And, I loved the corduroy "vest." It wasn't until I brought it home that I realized there was a hole at the hem of the sleeve. Luckily, I was able to re-hem the sleeves and make it good as new. Let me tell you, I was very tempted to keep this for my own (unborn) children. But, looking at these photos of sweet, little Edie makes me happy that it found a good home. I love that Lili took such care in accessorizing the outfit--with that tiny amber necklace, and the mustard flower in her hair. What a beautiful baby girl!

You should check out Lili's blog, it makes me smile. I can just imagine her accent, as she starts out every post with "hello poppits..." She just threw the most adorable party for her and Edie's birthdays. I will most likely be stealing some of her ideas. And, it makes me so ridiculously baby hungry. Also, check out her shop, Once Upon a Time. I can't get over how great her little felt toys are, with names like "Fabbity Dabbity Bertie the Owl." She even has a "Fantastic Mr. Fox!" And, I love her descriptions--they each have a little message from the character.

Thanks for your submission, Lili. We loved getting to know baby Edie. Happy birthday to the both of you!

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  1. thank you so much for featuring us on your lovely blog :),
    Lili xx