from the garden.


We are harvesting!

We have zucchini, squash, jalapenos, anaheim peppers, bell peppers, and cucumbers. And, pretty soon we will have tomatoes running out of our ears. We are so excited! This has been the best Utah summer for a first-time garden. We have had little thunderstorms almost every other day. We barely even have to water our overflowing garden.

But, here's the problem: I want recipes. We (will) have so much produce, that I can't just keep sauteing them as a side dish anymore. I have had two or three of these anaheim peppers a day. It reminds me of when Sam and I were dating. He and his roommates had a pretty big garden in the backyard, and whenever he had me over for dinner he would roast some anaheim peppers covered with cheese as an appetizer. They are so good! In fact, I have a few in the oven right now. But, who am I kidding, anything tastes great covered in cheddar cheese. I need to get more creative here. Do you have have any favorite recipes for my list of fresh produce?

Here's the other problem: We need you to come and help us eat all of this! Come say hello!

ps. So, funny story: Do you remember this post? I was so excited about our garden's progress, and I took this picture of our flowering cilantro plant thinking, "Oh, I didn't know that cilantro had flowers--they are so pretty!" I found out a few weeks later that you are not supposed to let cilantro flower and go to seed. Oops.


  1. We always use our surplus produce for a coconut red or yellow curry. Squash, zucchini, and bell peppers would be perfect!

  2. ohh how i wish i could come and partake of your produce.

  3. This is one of my favorite recipes for zucchini. It's so good!

  4. Don't worry about your cilantro going to seed. Just harvest the seeds because they are coriander! Also, you should make some jalapeno jelly. It makes amazing marinades and honestly it's good plain on toast. Or you could make some salsa and can it. I'm so jealous that your garden has been so good this year. We haven't got a single bell pepper and none of my tomatoes are fruiting. Luckily, though, I'll have two huge cabbage heads. Feel free to send some of that produce my way, I know Matt would love some pickled peppers this winter!

  5. I have a great recipe for apple pie with roasted Hatch peppers. Maybe you could use it with annie-hime.