Last weekend I made fresh pico de gallo from the garden-- well, about 90% at least. I was glad to finally use produce from the garden besides the monster zucchinis that keep piling up. I threw in all five tomatoes, including our pretty, little red zebras. I also threw in some anaheim and green bell peppers. So, the only extra produce we needed were onions, cilantro, and a lime (which was all conveniently already in our fridge.) I would give you a recipe, but it's pretty much up to personal taste. I use the tomatoes as my base, and throw in everything else until it looked about right. Once everything was chopped and mixed together, I squeezed in some lime juice. We found that it tasted even better the next day, after marinating all night in the fridge.

Would you be interested in a roasted salsa recipe? Check out Alison's recipe on She Blogs, She Blogs! It will be my next venture into garden salsa territory.

This was actually the second batch of pico that I have made from the garden. The first batch was quite a bit more hot because I also added a few jalapenos from the garden. It was too hot for my taste, so I left them out this time. But, I did learn a pretty important lesson from those little buggers. Did you know that you have to wear gloves while cutting jalapenos? I didn't, and my hands were burning for days afterward. It was killer. I looked up home remedies online, and found everything from soaking your hands in lime juice to milk, and even bleach (!?). I tried covering my hands in lime juice and the heat went away instantly! So, for future pepper burns--lime juice. It works. And, in the future, I plan on keeping some latex gloves in the kitchen.


  1. Oh goodness! Such darling photos. Especially the one with the veggies in a basket. And I am always in search of a good recipe, so thanks for the link!

  2. ha, this is why i don't make spicy food! lovely photos by the by :)