Yesterday, we spent the day at Grandma Chuckie's celebrating Pioneer Day with family. We're lucky enough to have so many members of the Gray family in the area, but yesterday we had even more family visiting for the weekend. Chuckie's place was filled to the brim, I loved it. We sat on the lawn and told jokes and stories, while the kids ran around. I spent a good half hour holding beautiful baby Grace, and somehow we left with a million pictures of just the kids. No surprise, because the Gray families boast the cutest kids ever.

I am already looking forward to when we can have so many family members together again. I'm also counting down the days until our trip to Texas to see my family in September! Sam and I found a good deal with Southwest Airlines, and we booked a flight to San Antonio for a whole week!


  1. OHHHH my goodness, I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures x500! Thanks for taking these - Sam's camera talent is unparalleled. Don't mind me as I steal photos from your blog... We miss you guys already! Yesterday was the perfect day! And also this is Krista and not Travis but I'm too lazy to log out and log back in again. You understand. :)

  2. Ummm I LOVE these pics. Sam and Roxanne move to Cali? No, I mean MOVE TO CALI!!! Love you guys. Love our family. Love making memories.