bellatrix bonus.





So, I didn't want to be Betty for school, because I doubted that any of the kids would know who I was. So, I opted for a more kid friendly costume--Bellatrix Lestrange. I already had the costume together, because Sam and I had dressed up the week before for a church Halloween party. We had set up a trick-or-treat table to look like a potions class, with pots and bottles and things. Sam dressed as Snape, and I was Bellatrix. It was great.

Unfortunately, the costume didn't go over as well at school. Apparently nobody reads and watches Harry Potter because there were only three kids who knew who I was. I can understand why the young kids would not be allowed to watch it. But, even the high school students were totally clueless. I'm now pretty disappointed in the next generation of youth. I mean, the hair, the Dark Mark (drawn my Sam). There was no question who I was, right? But, at least those three Harry Potter fans thought I was the coolest teacher ever that day.

Oh, and don't worry. When I got home from school, I made Sam take pictures of me swinging my wand around and shouting out spells on our front lawn. I am such a nerd.

Ps. So, we never got around to carving our patch picked pumpkins. We decided that they look great on the porch and can double as November decor. But, Sam did carve a pretty great pumpkin at his Grandma's, eh?

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  1. Got some shocking news for you old're not part of their generation.....ha ha ha. The people your age that read Harry Potter started fourteen years ago. :-(