break in.


This is exactly what Goldie was doing when some strange man broke into our house and stole our valuables. Some guard dog! If he wasn't so cute, I would kick him out. Darn dog.

In case you have been wondering what happened over here, here's the story of our action-packed weekend:

Thursday night to early Friday morning.
Some creep walks into our house and runs off with our two laptops, Sam's iPad from work, and computer bag with external hard drive and sketchbook

(Ok, background: We may have left an inside door that leads to the (shared) laundry room open and unlocked. Stupid, I know. But, we were babysitting Goldie again, because our landlord is back in the hospital, and he needed the door open to go to the bathroom outside. Don't worry, we obviously don't do this anymore. And luckily, Goldie is suddenly magically trained to wait to go outside after many carpet episodes.)

The creep leaves a sock lying on the floor of our living room.
Goldie does not make a peep.

Friday morning.
We wake up to get ready for work.
I notice that my computer is gone.
Sam notices that his is gone, too.
I start sobbing hysterically.
Sam punches a door, and then proceeds to try and cheer me up.

We call the Provo police to file a report.
They send a cop over, who tells us there is basically no way we will ever see our things again.

We come to terms with it and call it a loss, after realizing how grateful we are that the situation was not worse than it was.
(ie. walking in on the creep in action, having more things stolen, getting shot, etc.)

Friday night.
We get a call from the Orem police who have arrested a man in Orem for stealing a car from a home just down the street from ours, and finding our bag in the car with the hard drive and destroyed sketchbook. (Why destroy the sketchbook? Jerk.)
There were no computers to be found.
They hand the creep over to the Provo police.

We call the Provo police all day trying to get details on the case. Are they questioning him? Where is our stuff? Can we press charges?
The answer: "That's not my job. The officer in charge of your case will be in on Monday."

In our imaginations: Our stuff is long gone, wiped clean, and passed through multiple hands. It is being sold in a pawn shop as we speak, picked up off KSL or Craigslists, never to be seen again.

Sunday night.
We are eating dinner at Sam's parents' when suddenly the iPad pops up on the GPS.
(Someone has turned on the iPad, causing it to register on Find My iPad.)
It is located in Orem.

After bouncing off the walls with excitement for a bit, Sam calms me down and we decide that we are taking matters into our own hands.
We pull on our coats, pack Goldie into the car, and follow the GPS.
It leads us to a parking lot, where we snoop around for a little bit in the dark, and then decide we should probably call the cops.
We park behind a dumpster while a really nice officer goes into a tattoo shop to investigate.
After 20 minutes of waiting, he suddenly returns with our iPad and my Macbook!

It turns out some junkie kid tried to trade them in for a tattoo.

The officer drives off to the find the guy, takes some guys into custody, and we never hear from either Provo or Orem police again. So, we got everything but one computer back. Pretty crazy, considering we didn't think we would ever see anything again. And, my computer had not been wiped clean!

Basically, we are stupid. But, the creeps were more stupid. And,if you ever need any help call the Orem police, because the Provo police will tell you it's not their job. But, we are so grateful that we are safe, and that we could recover most of our things. Be safe out there. Lock your doors, and put your valuables away. Too many creeps!


  1. oh! that sounds terrible. but it's pretty awesome you found most of your stuff!

  2. ugh, this story makes me sick! but i am SO glad that you guys are okay.

  3. Favorite part: "Sam punches a door, and then proceeds to try and cheer me up."

  4. I'm so happy to hear that you got most everything back! There definitely are "too many creeps! Yeah!"

  5. You guys are so brave!! I would never have the guts to go follow the clues like that. You should make a movie or something :)


  6. the best part of the story was when you started sobbing and sam punched a door. so real. so dramatic. i'm glad you're ok!

  7. I hope you're not wasting money on the premium dog food.....hahahaha!

  8. That's 2 points for you and 1 point for the creeps (which is likely to go back to zero once justice is served!). I like "After bouncing off the walls with excitement for a bit" - outsmarting them is such a sweet feeling.

    - Royce Krieser