marty and betty.









Meet Marty and Betty! Such a great couple, eh?

In the past, Sam and I have always paired up for a couples costume. My favorite so far was our Bonnie and Clyde, put together at the last minute from clothes we already owned. But, we couldn't agree on any duos this year. Sam has wanted to be Marty McFly ever since he found this orange puff vest. But, I wasn't really into dressing up like Doc. I love to dress up for Halloween, but it's kind of stressful coming up with something. We really do brainstorm all year, and always seem to come up empty. But, while having my weekly iChat with my Dad, he suggested that I be Ugly Betty. I decided to take it as a compliment, because we both love the show. In fact. last year I bought a Netflix subscription primarily so that I could finish watching every season of Ugly Betty. Unfortunately, I got so caught up in the Betty's life that I forgot about my own life, skipped school, and finished all four seasons in a week and a half. Kind of a low point in my life. Or, a high point?

Marty McFly is looking pretty perfect, don't you think? Literally, almost every single detail is taken care of, right down to the undershirt color. The only things that we were missing are the Casio calculator watch and red and white Nike's. And, I am giving all props to Sam for making my "B" necklace. He cut it out of cardboard and covered it in gold foil from some Reese's Peanut Butter Cups that one of my students gave me. I know I am missing the braces, but I did spend a good hour watching "how to" videos on YouTube. It's harder than it looks.

I know it's a little late, but we hope that you had a Happy Halloween!


  1. Hey that your real hair?.....hahahaha!

  2. I LOVE Ugly Betty! You look FABULOUS! Obviously no ugly enough! Happy belated birthday! I was so sad we couldn't make it. You two are so fabulous! Sam looks amazing too.

    When I finished watching Ugly Betty I sincerely missed the characters! Haha, especially Mark. I know, I'm a loser. xo