A few weeks ago, Sam and I took off for Wyoming. Yes, Wyoming! We had plans to go down to Southern Utah, but everything seemed to fall through at the last second. So, the day before we left we suddenly thought, "Why not Wyoming?" I had never been there, and it had been awhile for Sam. It's only five hours away, too. We knew it was the off-season, but we figured it would still be worth the trip. And oh, it was so gorgeous and perfect! I have always loved the changing colors in Utah, but Wyoming Fall was magnified times 10. And, I think I appreciated that it was the off-season. It was such a calm and peaceful place, and seemed so undisturbed. Even the wildlife and locals seemed completely unaware that we were standing there with our cameras so desperately trying to soak it all up. And, there just can't be anything better than stopping on the side of the road to stare a buffalo in the eye, surrounded by tall yellow grasses and a sky that seems to roll for miles. Oh, Wyoming, you stole a piece of my heart.

If you ever find yourself in Jackson, Wyoming:

1. Snow King Resort (via Expedia)- We knew it would be too cold to camp out, but we were not really willing to spend loads on a hotel. So, feeling very adventurous, we bought the "Top Secret Room" on Expedia. Basically, you click a button for a $45 room, and hope that it's not a scary dump. It ended up being a cute little room at the Snow King Resort in Jackson.

2. Dolce- A beautiful, little bakery and cafe. They make hot donuts, made-to-order. And, I'm not talking about Krispy Creme. I'm talking about crazy fresh donut holes on a pretty plate with three tiny cups--rich chocolate, raspberry, and maple sauces.

3. Jackson Hole Twin Cinema- This is one of those really great, tiny movie theaters. They only accept cash, which may send you sprinting down Pearl Street to find an ATM. A little inconvenience that reminds you how simple life can be. We saw the new Footloose. Have you seen it? (Loved it.)

And, did you really think we would drive all the way up there and not hit Yellowstone? Don't worry, more pictures to come.

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