texas game day.




Ok, so it's been just a little crazy around here since we got back from our trip. I am a little embarrassed to say that we got back two weeks ago, not two days ago. Our luggage is still in a pile in the living room (unpacked at least). I swear our dishes keep multiplying like a monster when you cut its head off--I wash one dish and three more appear in its place. But, the weather in Utah is absolutely beautiful, and the trees are beginning to turn shades of red and orange on the mountains. Fall has always been the busiest time of year for me, but it is also one of the most fun. Usually, I am preparing for dance performances and competitions, studying for midterms, and heading up the canyon for bonfires with friends. This year I am rehearsing student dances for the Renaissance Festival at school, prepping for parent/teacher conferences, and still heading up to canyon with friends.

Back to Texas: These pictures were from our second day in Texas. This was the day that Sam had been talking about for months and months--the BYU-Texas football game. We met up with family for Mama's birthday party in Austin at my aunt and uncle's. We had good ol' Texas bar-b-q, and sat out in their beautiful backyard. All of Texas was dried up because of the drought, and it seemed like everyone had given up and let their yards go to hay. But, Uncle Homer's yard was gorgeous and green. I have always loved their yard, ever since I was little. In fact, especially when I was little--because everywhere you turn their are the most fantastical statues and pieces of art. You will find a larger than life "bird's nest," a gazing globe nestled in green ivy, pathways that wind all through the garden, and a huge colorful playhouse. I wish we had taken more pictures at their house, but they didn't really turn out.

We had lunch with the family, and played a game of Family Feud, before heading over to the game. I know it's old news, but BYU lost (sorry, Sam). We had third row seats, right in the middle of Texas season pass holders. Everyone was pretty nice though, and it was such a fun game. Sam and I left a little disappointed, but pretty impressed by the Texas spirit. Sam decided that if he wasn't a BYU fan, he would definitely be a Texas fan.

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