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This is my mama in her sewing room. Just kidding. This is my mama sewing in the dining room. Technically, she has a sewing room now--but, it has always been understood that any clear spot in the house would eventually become a cutting table or new home for her machine. I always joke that when I moved to Utah for my first year of school, I came back to find I had been replaced. Every drawer of my bedroom was filled with fabric, buttons, and lace. In fact, practically every drawer and closet in the house has fabric in it. Ok, I exaggerate a little (but, not much). I once wrote a short essay in one of my classes about my mama's love affair with fabric.

Mama teaches fashion design at a fine arts magnet school in San Antonio. I spent much of my childhood wandering around thrift stores and fabric stores with her. She made every dance costume, Halloween costume, prom formal, and my beautiful wedding dress. She is the reason why we have our little shop-- she taught me how to hunt for great finds, and to have the confidence to make them work. So, you can imagine how excited we were to spend an entire day scouting new inventory for the shop in San Antonio with Mama. And, when I say all day...I mean ALL day. (We have great stamina.) I wish she could always be by my side. She knows everything about cut, fit, color, and style. And, she has never been afraid to be honest (ha!). I miss getting ready for school with my mom every morning. A girl needs her mama to make decisions, even more than she needs a good girlfriend. Or, at least my mom. Mama knows all.

We spent the day shopping all over San Antonio, and even stopped to have lunch at a really great cafe downtown. When we got back from our long day of shopping, we carefully laid out our loot in the living room--like, Halloween candy. We sure did make a great team. In case you hadn't heard on our Facebook or Twitter... Sam and I packed one suitcase to go down to Texas, and came back with four. Our inventory has now doubled! So, somebody light a fire under me because I need to get this stuff ready and in the shop!

By the way, we just recently hit our first 50 sales in the shop! To celebrate we are offering a 10% discount--use the code "FIFTY" at check out!

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