Say hello to the newest pieces in our collection over at the shop. Do you remember those four suitcases we came home with? Well, we also had quite a bit more already at the house, just waiting to be introduced to you. So, here goes. You may have noticed the many, many listings popping up over the past few days. I have spent all weekend shooting and editing, and I realized why I always let these things pile up. Shooting new inventory for the shop requires transforming our little living room into a photo studio, praying that the clouds will clear up so that there will be enough light. The seamless is set up by the windows, while the couches are shoved to the other side of the room and piled high with clothing. We are lucky if we can even get through the front door for a few days. Someday I will have something like this, so that I can shoot inventory the day that we bring it home. Someday...

But, today it's done! And, you may have noticed our "NEW!" listings on our Facebook and Pinterest. Here is a little sneak peak of some of our newest Fall and Winter pieces. We have so many new coats, sweaters, and blazers that I am so excited to show you. We will also be adding quite a few men's pieces, dresses, shoes, and boots. You should keep your eye on those listings, you may find something special!


  1. oooh i love! i am going to have to redeem my winnings this week i think. (sorry it's taken so long :( )

  2. good! let us know what you want! (i kept telling sam to remind you, because i wanted to make sure you knew we weren't bluffing about it haha)