pumpkin patch.







The other day Sam and I met up with Bobby and Emily at the pumpkin patch in Springville. The air was just crisp enough to be Fall, and the sun was hitting magic hour right as we pulled up. We walked up and down the rows of pumpkins, leaning over to inspect the good ones for scars or deflated sides. We decided that we were probably the only couples in the entire patch that didn't have little ones running laps around our legs, or leaping off of the haystacks. There are pumpkin patches and corn mazes all over the place--it's a Utah Valley tradition that I had yet to take part in. I don't know why, especially after I discovered that is so much cheaper than buying an ugly, deformed pumpkin at the grocery store. They were all so perfect! We left with three--a baby pumpkin with brown freckles, a light colored oblong pumpkin, and a perfectly round Cinderella carriage pumpkin. They are sitting on our porch right now in a neat little pile, just waiting for us to carve them next week. Do you have any suggestions? Last year we did a cyclops with a mustache...

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  1. a pirate with an eye patch (as in pumpkin patch).......Cap'n Jack O'Lantern.....a-r-r-r-r!!!!