girls' weekend.




The boys were out of town all weekend, so the sisters-in law got together. Mostly we just ate a lot of food, and went shopping. I decided that I must officially be an old fart, because the shopping spree didn't go as planned. You know how sometimes all you feel like is buying something completely ridiculous (and possibly reckless), just because? Well, my husband was out of town, and I felt like buying something...anything! And, after walking all over town with Emily, I ended up with 6 bottles of soap, a frying pan lid, and 4 pairs of socks. Yes--soap and socks. Party hard.

So, after eating and shopping, we spent the rest of the time letting little Nola entertain us. She is beginning to open up to everyone, and it is so much fun seeing her little personality. She is such a goofball! I swear she is either going to be a fantastic dancer or gymnast someday, because she has the strongest little legs. She jumps off of anything and everything, and can bend into the funniest positions. She folds in half, like a sandwich, and is really confused as to why we can't do it, too. She is also so smart. She rattles off words and letters and numbers. When you ask her, "What's your favorite music?"...she says, "Adele." My favorite part of the night was when she left with Kelsey, turned around and waved at Emily and I, and said, "Bye, aunties!"

I can't wait for my big sister to have her little one. April seems like a long ways away...

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  1. She sounds like you.....contortionist and kindergarten journalist extraordinaire.