baby girl.







Last week I went home to Texas to be with my family. We hadn't all completely been together in a year- which is sad. All it took was accumulated Southwest Rewards points, and a baby girl to bring us together again.

I am in love. She is the most beautiful, sweet thing you will ever lay eyes on. And, that's not even the end of it. When you hold her she immediately curls up in a ball on your tummy and falls asleep for hours. I was in heaven. She makes the sweetest little noises- hiccups that shake her whole body, sighs that melt your heart, and little grunts that make us laugh.

We had a girls' night sleepover at my sister's, and spent the whole weekend dressing Lucy up, bathing her, and pushing her around the neighborhood. We made pizza and watched Netflix, and it felt like nothing had changed except for this cute little thing sleeping in my arms. My sister and her husband (and Lucy) have moved into the house that I grew up in. I hadn't been inside for about 8 years, and it brought back so many memories. My sisters and I used to have slumber parties all the time--even though we lived in the same house. We would call each other on opposite landlines and invite each other to the party. We would make forts in the living room, pop popcorn and watch Miss America. We would even wrap up used nail polish and hairclips to give as presents at the party. I love my sisters.

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