vernooy kill.




On the last day of our trip, we went on a hike in Vernooy Kill State Forest. It felt so good, let me tell you. We haven't been on any since our mini hike at Yellowstone last Fall- unless you count hiking the concrete jungle. But, I'm sad to report that we are out of shape in every sense of the word. Not only were we sweating a bit, but we have completely lost our sense of anything. It was supposed to be just a short hike up to some supposedly beautiful waterfalls. But, after what seemed like a long time we got worried that we went in the wrong direction, or that the baby waterfalls we saw further down were supposed to be it. So, by the time we turned around and realized how short of a walk it was back to the car we are pretty sure that we actually quit before we even got there. How lame is that? Not only that, but I refused to change out of my skirt and spent most of the time with it hiked up around my legs. I'm sure the locals were rolling their eyes at us.

So, we left with our heads down in shame. And, were embarrassed to report to Sam's boss (who gave us the hike recommendation) that we never actually made it to the falls.

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  1. Babyangel,

    I'm sorry I didn't get to see you during your visit. :( We should plan something in advance next time.. let me know when you're coming back!

    Also, I need to tell you that every time I visit your blog I feel such a peace. Maybe it's your tantalizing photographs, or your writing, or i don't know.. You are so wonderful and I can't help feel anything but ecstatic for you and your journey. :) Just wanted you to know that you're amazing and inspiring.

    Miss you, baby.