labor day.








(A little late) Our Labor Day was beautifully relaxing. We slept in, took the train to Connecticut to meet up with Maggie and Myron, went to a very Connecticut-like beach, and grilled everything humanly possible--corn, onion, mushrooms, chicken, ribs, peaches, and apples. The big surprise- grilled mushrooms. We were eating them like candy, popping them in our mouths straight off the grill and trying not to act surprise when they burned a little.

East coast beaches are a whole different animal, and I've really come to love them. Sure, they are a little rocky, but it makes a great setting for rock-skipping contests. I was the judge (because I can't skip), looking for number of skips, distance, and personal style.

Sam: the wind-it-up baseball pitch.
Myron: the full bodied release.
Maggie: the graceful lunge and swoop.

I hope your labor day was beautiful! (Forgive me for the lack of timeliness.)

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