ten months.

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Baby Girl is ten months old. Ten Months! That's almost a year! (But, we aren't going to think about that right now.) She is just perfect right now. I would appreciate it if she stayed ten months for a little while longer. I mean, look at that little smile. And, those pigtails!

My favorite thing about her right now is that she understands what it means to be silly. She finds certain things that she things are hilarious, and she will do it over and over and over until she either tires of laughing or giggles so hard she lands on her face and starts crying. Then, I really have to hold back my own laughter and pick her up to cuddle. She's the best.

Eliza at ten months:
-loves being silly
-throws her head back
-her hair fits in pigtails!
-loves to walk while holding your hands
-prefers walking over crawling at the park
-got her first everyday shoes
-exploring rooms by herself
-loves "finding" you
-gained 8 oz in three weeks
-emotional roller coaster
-likes pushing boxes and baskets around the room
-loves chewing on Ancient Grain Crackers
-thinks it's hilarious when I dance for her
-had a few days when she thought biting me was hilarious...
-she has the greatest, throaty, little laugh
-loves going down the slide
-reaches out her hands when she wants
-sticks her little finger in everything
-loves pulling things out one by one
-squawks and chats
-getting scary adventurous!

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