humboldt county.

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Life has been  a little more out of the ordinary lately. We have had a very busy Spring and Summer, and now Sam is in the midst of some big projects that keep him up late into the night. Needless to say, we miss him and we are feeling a bit overwhelmed. So, after a few weeks of talk, Sam finally made some plans to take us away for a weekend up in Humboldt County.

Sam served his mission up here, and so it has a special place in his heart. It's a little like going home for him. And, I can't complain because it is one of the most beautiful areas of this county I have seen and really such a peaceful place to disappear for awhile. You can find yourself running around in your swimsuit one sunny afternoon, only to wake up to a moody fog-filled morning the next. The giant redwoods march right up to the edge of those rocky beaches where the ocean really likes to put on a show. 

One of my favorite days we spent at Moonstone Beach, where the tide was so far out that we could run and run and only be up to our ankles. There were little streams of water up and down the beach, and Eliza would run and splash with Sam while I had the luxury of actually laying down for a bit. We walked around and collected treasures, and searched for "bear caves" (sea caves) in the rocks. 

One of the nights we camped at Patrick's Point, where the sites were nestled in the lush ferns and you could hear the ocean all night long. Eliza was stoked about camping. She was giddy about the tent, and spent a long time just running in and out of it, or exploring the "jungle" with her binocular hands. She loved the camp food- a girl after her mother's heart. Although, she would only eat the s'mores if they were deconstructed and room temperature. We borrowed a friends' 4-man tent, which fit a pack 'n play just nicely, which meant Eliza slept just great! 

Those beautiful woods inspired some pretty magical imaginative play, as well. She requested many stories of fairies and talking animals, and was always on the lookout for bear caves and treasures that the fairies had left behind for her. I would lay on the floor of the tent, with Eliza in my arms, and tell ten stories in a row while Sam stoked the fire for dinner. There's nothing better than seeing her face light up with excitement. One of her favorites involved a mermaid that she met at the beach, who gave her a mermaid tail for the day and took her on an underwater adventure.

One of our favorite beaches is Trinidad State Beach where, in the past, we have seen so many pink, chubby starfish clinging to the slick rock. Unfortunately, the starfish were "asleep" this trip (ie. not there) and Eliza has not stopped taking about it since. "Starfish asleep?" But, she still had a great time sticking her fingers in the anemones and running up and down the foggy beach. She would run down the sand and Sam would catch her and toss her in the air, over and over- "again! again!"- until she was waddling around in circles, drunk and happy.

It was nice to get away, and just be together as a family. We stayed for three nights, and camped two of them. And, if I were to be honest, it was difficult with a toddler. But, I think it's worth it. She loves to go on adventures and we love to take her. I just have to constantly remind myself to keep my cool when things get a little crazy. Which, I'm becoming increasingly less good at? Is that bad to say. I feel like the terrible twos have such unique difficulties. She is no longer an infant, and she knows when she's being naughty. But, gosh, even when I am so tired from a long day and night of wrangling that skinny, little body around the woods all day... I roll over in the morning and see her little face pressed up against the netting of her pack 'n play just two inches from mine, and I can't help but laugh. "Mama! Wake up!"

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  1. So wise to take advantage of the beauty, natural or not, wherever you are living.