eliza says, vol. 6


Eliza is growing so fast. Her physical growth has slowed down, but her mind is growing and expanding so fast. She will say something one day, and not the next. She will stop mid sentence and correct her own grammar. It's mind blowing. She is constantly making connections between every little thing she comes across, and her imagination has blossomed in such a beautiful way. After years of always running around town trying to keep this girl entertained, she has finally come to this sweet stage where she just wants to stay home all afternoon and play house with her bunnies. For a full hour, I may actually be able to do some laundry as I listen to her high-pitched chatter as little adventures come spilling out of her little imagination. (And, this is coming from that early toddler who would throw shoes at me and then bang on the front door at 9am every morning ready to hit the town. "Go OUT!")

She is crazy strong-willed these days. We are encountering our first arguments and fights with friends, which sort of breaks my heart. But, we are working through it. She has gotten exceptionally physical lately, which really gets to me. I would really appreciate any tips from moms on that one! She hits and kicks when she's mad, which sends her straight to "time-out" and always produces a tearful "sorry." But, it's still hard to handle!

I really am constantly amazed at how smart and clever she is. She pulls her dress-up box out every single day and creates specific characters with outfits. She builds little homes for her bunnies or baby dolls all over the house, and I am always running across Eliza's toys organized in some interesting way in the tufts of the couch or the shoes in my closet. She creates at least one piece of art a day, always always insisting on mailing it to some family member or another. And, she dresses herself every day. I used to fight it, until I realized that this kid actually has great sense of style and is exceptionally good at mixing and matching. And, I really love seeing what she comes up with.

She is so kind, and very aware of the feelings of others. The past couple of weeks have been very wearing on me, and my heart has been heavy with current events in the world. Twice in the past week I have found myself in tears, and both times Eliza found me- she asked me if I need kisses, and then asked if I needed a bunny. Then she tucked her "Mama Bunny" in next to my face and gave me a kiss. I love her so much.

Eliza says:
"That's so nice of..." - She got this one from me. Whenever someone does something nice, Eliza will say, "Oh, that's so nice of (so and so)." Like when she puts on a dress that Grandma gave her for her birthday six months ago she will say, "Oh, Grandma gave this to me! That's so nice of Grandma." Or, once I was dictating a text to Siri on my phone and Eliza asked, "Who that?" When I told her that Siri was helping me send a message, she said, "Oh, that's so nice of her."

married- Eliza really wants to get married. She talks about it all the time. She loves seeing pictures of brides, especially the one of Sam and I on the bookshelf. When I ask her why she wants to get married, she says "Pretty dress!" And, when I ask her who she wants to marry she says, "... pretty dress!"

"When me a mama..." - She went through a time when she would say this all the time. "When me a mama, I want pink yips." (lipstick) "When me a mama, I will go out with my friends!" "When me a mama, I get married."

"Hereg gou go, Mama!"- She's saying "Here you go," but for some reason she adds in several extra g sounds. She loves helping me, all over the house. And, she follows me around saying, "Hereg gou go, Mama!" and handing me random things. Like, when I'm cooking dinner, or putting make-up on. She especially loves helping me fold laundry- where she very carefully rolls each shirt into a little ball and places them in a line. I'm trying to be better about letting her help out more, even if it's not actually... help. (ha!)

"just one?"- She might run across the Halloween candy stash- "Just one?" Or, some crackers in my bag, "Just one?" Or, a box of wipes that she wants to play with. "Just one?" I apparently use this term very often, and she's always shooting it back at me. Although, after she eats one little chocolate chip while we are baking cookies, I look back five minutes later and she's sneaking another one. She will smile back at me and ask, "Just one, Mama?" I guess that concept is a bit over her head.

"stop teasing me"- This is one of my favorites. She yells this at inanimate objects all the time. Like, when a sticker is stuck to the bottom of her foot, "Stop teasing me!" Or, her skirt gets caught on a branch, "Stop teasing me!"

"remembder?" (remember)- Eliza loves reminiscing about her long, lovely life. "I was a baby, remembder?" "We saw that movie, remembder?" "My birthday party was at the park, remembder?" I am still constantly amazed at this girl's memory. She remembers so much! And pretty far back, too!

"mama" and "papa"- Every man or woman in a movie or book is a "mama" or "papa." So, when we are reading the "Beauty and the Beast" book, and the Beast turns into a handsome man and they embrace and kiss, Eliza squeals "Aw, she loves her Papa." Or, the "Kiss Kiss Fish" smooches the "Pout Pout Fish," Eliza happily proclaims "He found his Mama!" Also, anytime anyone or anything is sad then she usually nods her head sadly and says, "He misses his Mama."

"I can't wait"- Eliza recently picked this phrase up, and uses it all the time. But, she uses it very literally. Like, when her friend is coming over for a playdate she will very seriously state, "I can't wait!"

(This photo was taken back in September, when we were visiting Texas.)


  1. After surviving several of Suzanne's kicking and throwing herself on the floor tantrums, our pediatrician informed us that these strong willed children grow up to be leaders. Every one of my siblings has one. I believe you were Sandy's~~

  2. she is too darling. i know two is tough but it has been my favorite stage so far! the kicking and hitting though... ugh. we've just been doing time-out and i try to catch her mid-hit or kick and explain "we don't hit mama," "we don't hit dad"... then later she'll just say out of the blue "no no hit mama. only hit dad" hahaha. soooo i'm not sure if that's working...