grandad's visit.

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At the end of May, my dad came out to visit. I love having visitors, especially my dad. And, he was extremely understanding given the circumstances- cramped quarters, an 8-month pregnant hostess, and a grandchild who suddenly turned into a total mess. Eliza was so wound up all week, and full of extreme toddler emotions. It was kind of horrible, to be honest. And, I was too exhausted and round to be able to do much about it. But, luckily, my dad is really good at just going with the flow. We still got to do some fun stuff, eat good food, and hang out. That's what dads are for- to hug you even when you're at your worst. 

We did spend a beautiful and relaxing weekend at Camp Liahona Redwoods. I love this place so much, and I knew that I wanted to take my dad when he came to visit. It just reminds me of everything he loves, and of all his stories of his scout days. The lodge is surrounded by a massive deck and majestic redwoods that makes it seem like you are staying in a tree house. Eliza chilled out the second we got there, and we spent the weekend playing and lounging. We made warm soup for dinner, with homemade biscuits. And, polished off those biscuits for breakfast while hanging out on the deck watching the blue jays. It was a lovely trip.

My dad always seemed to know me so well, and I look forward to his visits every year. Not only for the fun things we plan and do, but because we talk and listen to each other so well. I hope to always keep that. Love you, Daddy.

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  1. I look forward to that visit every year for the very reasons you mentioned. I will always be there. And don't worry....there's nothing to be understanding about. How can anyone be disappointed in children and grandchildren?