southern california.

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This last weekend we headed south for a much needed vacation. Eliza prepped for the trip by going completely bonkers for three days straight, so that we would be good and ready to take a break. Love this girl. Actually, she was such a rock star on this trip. It's funny that she is sleeping in every picture we took with the SLR, when she is so smiley and awake in all of our instagrams. I wish I had taken more photos, but we were having far too much fun!

We basically tried to cram as many stops as we could into this weekend. We started in Newport Beach to see the Crosby's- where Eliza got to meet her future BYU roommate, Miss Penny. Then, we stopped in Aliso Viejo to see Sam's cousin and her sweet girls. 

Finally, we spent the rest of the weekend in Santa Barbara with the Williams. It was the best weekend ever. We played on the beach, ate the best tacos and seafood, attempted to crash the Postal Service concert, spent a day walking the pier, and partied at The Sandman Inn. It was so great to spend time with good friends. The best friends are old friends- when we get together it's like we never skipped a beat. Minus the fact that Jo Jo is two years older, Sam and I have a babe, and Andrea is super pregnant. Little Josie was in love with "Baby Eliza." She is going to be a super big sister.

Southern California is a dream. I can't get over how beautiful it is, or why you would ever choose to live anywhere else. (Until we were stuck in LA traffic for five hours!) The trip was far too short, and we are already missing the beach. I'm glad we got a little taste of summer- and an excuse to use those tiny baby bathing suits. Beach babes are the best.

Way too many laughs and good times to count. This trip helped us realize that we can do this. You know, be a parent and still be adventurous. Eliza handled it all so well, and we totally survived without a scratch. It wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. We can't wait to take her on more adventures! 

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  1. I Love reading your blog rox :) Baby Eliza is precious!