apple picking.

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I am making a goal to start sorting through our gazillion photos. It is out of control. We fill and dump our memory card without ever actually organizing any of it. And, we don't back them up. So, basically I live every day in fear that our computer will explode and all of my memories will die.

I don't really know where to start, honestly. Writing on our blog has helped me to keep up somewhat in the past, but we really fell behind when we lived in New York. I'm really happy that Flickr got rid of Flickr Pro, or whatever they called it. They now allow an entire TB of storage for free. I've just decided to start by sorting through our mess of photos and uploading them to our Flickr account. But, there are so many photos and they are all over the place! I would totally love any advice on the subject.

Anyway, scrolling through old photos has made me so happy. These photos were from Halloween weekend last year, and never made it on the blog. Back when Penny and Eliza were still buns in the oven and we all lived just a subway ride away from each other, we went apple picking with our friends in upstate New York. Sometimes, I really miss the East Coast. It's just so... East Coast.

This was the most perfect day with friends.

Also, I had to include this pretty great series of groups shots taken by Alpha. Miss you guys!

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