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The Grays came to stay with us! They left early this morning, and Eliza was seriously mad about it. I'm not kidding- she woke up pretty angry that I was the only one she had to play with all day. And, who can blame her?

She was in heaven this past week. Two doting grandparents, and two uncles competing for attention. And this girl loves attention. I was afraid she might be overstimulated by everyone and everything, but she was all smiles. And, if she ever got even the tiniest bit fussy- there were several hands just waiting for their turn to hold her. 

We had such a good time. These pictures were taken on a little day trip we took up to Healdsburg, where Sam served his mission. We had hotdogs and hamburgers at The Wurst, and homemade ice cream from the Creamery

The Grays are always so much fun. The week was filled with brother bonding feats of strength, Bob jokes, Nancy's good cooking, and late-night Gray political debates. So many good laughs for one week. You know, the kind that can really fill up a home. Not a coincidence that Eliza also gave her very first laugh. With most of the family leaning over her in the car, she started giggling like crazy when we played with her feet. It was the prettiest, little laugh. Like music.

Bob and Nancy have raised some pretty amazing boys. I am so grateful that Eliza has such loving grandparents and uncles. I know she could feel it this week. She misses you already!

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