three months.

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She is three months old! This girl is wild. She literally never stops moving. She kicks and wiggles all day long, with those big, wide eyes always alert and attentive. She is so crazy, I have to help her fall asleep by softly closing her eyes shut to calm her little mind down. She just doesn't want to miss out on the party. She is still so, so tiny for her age- but so perfect and petite. The doctor warned me that I have a "very physical child" with a laugh, and told me I had better start baby-proofing now. This girl is going to be a handful! I'd like to think I have a little mover and a shaker- maybe a little dancer?

We were all laughing when the family leaned over her crib the other night to say goodbye before they hit the road, Eliza was seriously wiggling around in her sleep. She never stops moving, and she hates being restrained. Putting her in the car seat or the stroller makes mama feel like I am strapping her to a torture device. I managed to take these photos of her in the seat in the two minutes that she allowed me, before she started arching her back like a crazy animal.

Ugh, we love her so much. It's fun to see her get older and watch her little personality come forward. She is such a tiny ball of fire. 

Eliza at three months:
-gave her first, sweet laughs
-has a tight grip
-learning how to use her hands
-starting to discover how to bat and hold toys
-just barely learning how to put things in her mouth
-constant drool down the front of her shirt
-gnaws on your finger like a carrot stick
-never stops moving. even in her sleep.
-kickie pants
-can sit up in her Bumbo chair
-always wants to stand up
-loves attention, even from strangers
-pretty close to rolling over
-weighing in at 10 lb 2 oz- so tiny!
-loves reading books
-balding circle around her head
-still doesn't like napping- this girl likes to party
-laughs when you blow raspberries on her belly
-big, cheeser smiles
-loves being outside more than anything
-mmm, kinda high maintenaince. but, we still love her.


  1. She is soooo pretty! I can't get over that sweet face. Wish she was sitting in the back of church causing trouble with Gwen!

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  3. I want to steal her away she's sooo cute!!! Keeps getting cuter and cuter.

    -Anna Astle