labor day.

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That little hat. It kills me.

For Labor Day, my mommy friends and I planned a staycation poolside in Vacaville. Kate's in-laws live in Vacaville, and were nice enough to host us. There's nothing cuter than babies in swimsuits and sunhats. These are Eliza's boyfriends- Nolan and Baby Stephen. They are big boys. Like, BIG boys. The other day, Nolan wouldn't stop trying to stuff Eliza's tiny fist in his mouth- like a lollipop. Kate seemed pretty flustered and kept trying to pull him away, but I thought it was pretty hilarious. Eliza seemed pretty oblivious.

It was nice to jump into the pool, for the 5 seconds that the babies allowed. But, really- it was so nice. I realized that between New York, pregnancy, and raising an infant I hadn't been swimming in over a year. The water felt great, even if Eliza didn't agree. She allowed me to dangle her legs in the water but, when Sam tried to pull her in farther, she protested. After that bit of trauma, she spent most of the afternoon in Daddy's lap chatting and giggling happily. I'm glad that Sam could have some time with her this weekend. He has been working very hard, and I know he misses her. Thank goodness for holidays. I love my little family.

A dip in the pool, and burgers on the grill- I couldn't have asked for a better Labor Day!

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