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Our Easter Sunday was so nice. Sam and I have been running full force for weeks now, and we have made goals to slow down a little and enjoy the moments. It's hard. There are just so any distractions, especially these smart phone that are attached to us. They're so hard to shake off! But, after a somewhat rough morning, our Easter Sunday really did turn out nicely. We dressed up and went to church, spent time with friends, and then went to the park to play.

The Easter Bunny brought Eliza a little tin pail with an egg-shaped bubble container, and eggs filled with bunny grahams. For some reason, the easter grass had to be pulled out one strand at a time and thrown out of the way- but once she finally got to the eggs she was pretty excited. She shook them around, and was surprised when I opened one of them to show her the bunnies. We put them out in the grass, where she got bored and wouldn't go searching for them. So, I had to pile them up around her feet. Mostly she loved banging her pail around and crawling all over us while we lay down on the grass and napped. And, for dinner we grilled herb-crusted lamb and oysters. It was perfect. It was nice to just take a second to breathe, and to spend time with my family without thinking about "what needs to be done."

I have loved looking through all of these pictures. This girl is my pride and joy. She's so beautiful! I love her. Her Easter dress was actually picked out by Sam on the morning we found out we were having a girl. It seemed so small back then. I remember that we brought it home to our apartment in Brooklyn and hung it up on the doorknob in our bedroom. It hung there until we moved. I just couldn't imagine such a tiny thing! And now, it finally fits my petite little girl at almost one year. She's the best.

Ps. I woke up to this video on Easter morning, and watched it about ten times in a row- cuddled up in bed with my little family. I strongly recommend that you watch it. It makes me want to be a better person. It makes me want to try harder, knowing that I have hope because of my beautiful Savior.

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