eleven months.

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This little pup is eleven months old today! 

It just occurred to me to other day that Eliza is just on the cusp of change. Like BIG change. She is so independent already, but she still hasn't taken those first steps. She is constantly grunting and squawking and screaming her own little language, but she still hasn't said her first real words. And, while I've been coaxing and encouraging her- it suddenly occurred to me that once she figures those things out, nothing will be the same again!

Walking and talking- that's a toddler. Ah!

I see the other moms chasing after their kids in the park, and I just want to say, "Hey, girl. We're having fun, right? Let's hold out a little longer!" I just want to lounge in the grass, while she crawls all over me and babbles away to herself. I love this view of mine- the top of her head as she pulls on my skirt and hugs my legs. She has never been a cuddle baby. I mean, we decided that we would wean her at a year, but she is already pushing me away more and more. When she starts running away and talking back, I think my mama heart will die a little! What if she doesn't need me anymore!?

 Eliza at eleven months:
-standing on her own, but no steps yet
-says "Uh, Oh!" intentionally, I think...
-loves to be silly with papa
-makes a certain "barking" noise when she sees dogs, I think...
-loves to play chase
-has a very fake cry for when she doesn't get her way
-loves to put things around her neck, like a scarf
-pulls everything out of everything
-exploring her new home
-always wants to be held by her mama
-slightly picky eater lately
-loves to crawl around the house with something hanging out of her mouth
-always clinging to our legs
-likes watching videos of herself
-loves turning pages of board books
-favorite foods these days: bread and cheese
(I wonder where she got that from...)
-loves trailing after the big kids
-loves the noises from the train by our house- choo, choo!
-communicates with her hand gestures more
-melts in the shower
-shakes her head and bounces when she dances
-just started clapping today!
-her tongue is always out
-crooked, little smile
-we are going to miss her vampire fangs because we're just now seeing two little front teeth push through

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  1. She'll never stop needing you....until seventh grade. She will never need you again but she will start talking to you again halfway through college. Ha ha.