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Please allow me to wallow in self-pity again. Another one of my closest friends here in Berkeley, just moved to Salt Lake City a couple of weeks ago. That city. It eats up all of my friends.

Kate basically attacked right when we moved in- deciding that since we were both about to have babies, both just moved from New York, and lived down the street from each other, then we absolutely were going to be friends. And, we are. The best of friends. 

Our babies were only a couple of months apart. I saw Kate pretty much every day, if not twice a day. Our parenting philosophies were pretty similar: these kids are going to drive us crazy if we don't get them out of the house pretty much every hour of the day. We woke up, got ready, went out, came home from naps, and then, "Nolan's up!" or "Eliza's up! Let's meet at the park!" It worked out perfectly. 

Kate is the best person to talk to about pretty much anything, and I'm fairly positive I wouldn't have made it through these first 15 months of Eliza's life without our daily chats. She is one of the most genuine people I know. She is the kind of person that you can be yourself around, because you know that she has no qualms about being 100% herself around you. I love that. 

Speaking of love- Eliza and Nolan have a (sort of) serious marriage pact. If they aren't married by whatever age, they don't really have a choice. Eliza will be ecstatic, but Nolan might have something to say about it. Eliza follows him around everywhere, sometimes very violently forcing hugs and kisses on him. Nolan will groan and squirm and push her away. At the park, Nolan loves to push around all of the plastic cars and trucks and tricycles. Eliza trots along beside him, waiting for a pause in motion, and then plops on the seat. Nolan gives this annoyed look, and then decides it's not worth the fight, and proceeds to push Eliza around the playground all afternoon. That's the makings of a mighty fine relationship. 

Last week we went to the park, and Eliza wandered around by herself, sitting in all the cars, looking sad and confused. It was awful. I'm really going to miss seeing those two grow up together. They are the best friends, and they've been through everything together. That last picture is the perfect illustration.

We are really happy for the Calls, because they are headed toward bigger and brighter things! Good luck, you guys. See you soon! 

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