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I think some of my favorite pictures are, "Angry Eliza Pictures While Sitting In High Chair." This, right here, was a phase that Eliza was going through about a month ago. The crayon obsession.

Eliza loves eating crayons. Not just a nibble hear or there. But, large chunks that she ingests, which show up in her diapers the next day. Colorful poop. 

Crunch, crunch, chomp, chomp.

For awhile she was really into coloring with crayons. It was the only way I could attempt to get anything done around the house. I would put her in her high chair, tape a piece of paper down on the tray, and give her a bag of crayons. The refrigerator was covered with her art. Until, I realized how much crayon she was actually eating! We would have stern discussions about eating crayons, with warnings that I would take them away. But, those suckers must have tasted pretty dang good because she sure kept it up.

I would be washing my dishes and quietly hear...

crunch, crunch.

"Eliza. Please don't. Take it out of your mouth."

crunch, crunch.

"Eliza! I said, no."

crunch, crunch.


Ever time I turned around, a bigger crayon would be hanging out of the corner of her mouth, like a paper-wrapped cigar. She would crack up when I tried to take them away. And then, once I got them in the bag and put away she would start crying hysterically. I just can't take her seriously with those blue specks of crayon all over her face....

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  1. Give her some raw broccoli and tell her she can't eat it. Ha ha.