one month.

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Little Miss Sadie turned one month... almost exactly one month ago. But, better late than never. I did snap these pictures back then, though. It's so fun to see how much she has grown. Sadie is growing faster than Eliza did, so I feel like I can see the change more from month to month. Her face especially is getting so sweet and plump!

At one month, we started to really see her more. She was awake during the day, and starting to get more unpredictable. She was also struggling with the last of those baby digestive issues that plague their little bodies those first few weeks. It always makes me sad to see them in pain and not be able to help much. Unfortunately, Eliza struggled with it for about four months (some call if "colic"). But, I'm happy to say that Sadie's body has caught up with her and she is now a master at passing gas- because that's what you wanted to know about my baby. That's why you're reading this, right? (Ha!)

At one month is also when she started to need her swaddle more, and wouldn't just pass out on my chest for hours. Oh, those first glorious weeks spent in bed with a newborn sleeping peacefully on your chest. Those first glorious weeks where you can validate not doing absolutely anything productive, because this tiny human just needs you to be a warm body. When you can sit and stare at the swirl of hair on the top of their head, and trace the features on that chubby face. (Oh, those first glorious weeks when you have to decide whether you really need to pee, or whether the tingling in your arm really hurts enough to move it and risk waking the tiny human.)

At one month, she was starting to feel more like a baby and not so much a newborn. I have a tendency to want my babies to grow up too fast- or at least that's how I was with Eliza. I think it's a first-time mom thing. It was just so exciting to see them reach that next milestone, and watch them grow. I definitely see why second-time moms baby their second born. I want Sadie to be a baby forever. But, I already see her growing too fast! My babies are "very alert," as I hear all the time from people passing by. "Oh my, she's very alert!" Meaning, "That newborn should really be asleep or something, right?" No, mine like to greet the world head on. Also, my babies are tiny and strong. Maybe it's because they don't have as much chub to hold up, or something. But, like Eliza, Sadie was holding her head up just fine at one month. Sadie girl, let's slow this down. I'm in no rush this time!

Sadie's favorite place at one month, besides my arms of course, was the corner of the couch in the living room- she would look out the window at the branches on the tree and listen to the kids play in the courts across the street, and the tinkling of the windchime on our neighbor's porch. It's also the best spot to feel that bit of breeze coming through the windows, as the curtain billows out just slightly. I loved that sweet, content look she would get on her face, all swaddled up with a binky in her mouth. And, if I could keep Eliza from attacking, she wold lay there for some quite some time. It was her happy, peaceful place.

We love you, Sadie girl. You help us to slow down and enjoy the moments a little more.

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