sadie's blessing.

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Sadie Lee was blessed on a beautiful, sunny day in August. Sam gave her a name and a sweet blessing, surrounded by many friends in our Berkeley Ward family. Sadie was quiet and calm through the entire thing- true to form.

My mom made her beautiful blessing dress. She made Eliza's dress, as well. When I found out I was having another girl, I decided to ask my mom if she would make another dress instead of having them blessed in the same dress. I love the idea of heirloom pieces, but I never loved the idea of sharing. I wanted each of my girls to have their own dress that they could keep and pass on. I like to pretend that my daughters will be as ridiculously nostalgic as I am. But, hey, my mom and I are both cut from the same (vintage) cloth!

I also love the idea that each of their dresses was designed differently, and ended up showing their personalities. Eliza's dress had tiny flutter sleeves, and intricate lace. While, Sadie's dress is soft and flowy, with a sweet, little bow. I'm so glad my mom could give such a special gift to my girls. I'm also so happy that we were able to bless Sadie while my mom was in town!

We took some family pictures after, which involved several bribes and threats for Miss Eliza, and a bright, green pacifier for Sadie Baby. I was self-conscious of having my picture taken, as my hair needed a cut, my face still looked (looks) like somebody else's, and that awkward nursing dress was just not cutting it. It always makes me laugh (or cry) to think of the actual events behind a photo. That's life. I am trying not to be so critical of real life these days. This was a special day, and that's my family right there, in that moment. I love it.

Sadie, we love you so much. We are so grateful that you came to our family. I know that you are supposed to be with us. I waited a long time to see you, my baby. I know that your Heavenly Father loves you. And, your papa and I promise to provide a home for you- one that is always full of love.

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