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Our first Easter with two little girls was full of pale pink and white eyelet, cheddar bunnies and chocolate bunnies, and a large amount of shredded grass for a certain baby to entertain herself with. The Easter Bunny (so hard to explain to children) always brings new dresses to wear to church, and a few small treats and surprises in the basket. The girls were so sweet. Eliza was beyond excited about the tiniest things- new pink shoes, mermaid band-aids and a sparkle pen. And Sadie got a new, little bonnet to frame her chubby cheeks and stuffed her face with cheddar bunnies.

Eliza loves holidays, and has been counting down the days until Easter. We dyed eggs earlier this week, and even made our first cascarones (confetti eggs). I used to make them every year growing up, so it was a fun tradition to pass on. And Eliza was so into it. She loves to cut things, so we even made our own confetti to fill the shells. And, when Sam baked cookies last week and forgot to save the shells, she was slightly hysterical.

We had good friends over for a BBQ, Easter afternoon. Our tiny house was packed, but it was honestly one of the best friends' gathering I can think of. I am constantly overwhelmed by the friendships we have formed out here in Berkeley. They came bearing ridiculous amounts of food, and we all eat and laugh while our children run wild. Our house was brimming with happiness. 

It was raining, so we had a massive egg hunt in our house. The older kids hid the eggs, but there was so little space to hide eggs that they were soon just pouring them al over the floor. Kids were then lounging all over the house popping candy in their mouths, trading tiny toys and goodies, and smearing rice krispy treat marshmallow all over their faces. After dinner and birthday cake for Sam, we all cracked open the cascorones out in front of the house, and everyone left with full bellies and confetti in their hair.

We also attended a beautiful Easter service at our church, full of music and spoken word. I said it before, but I can't help but think of my family and the joy I feel from the knowledge of an eternal life and resurrection. I want my girls to know that we love them, and that they have the dearest Heavenly Parents and Savior who love them, as well. I want them to know that with the purest faith, they can rise to great heights, do good in the world, and be great women. After all, "It was Mary Magdalene, and Joanna, and Mary, the mother of James, and other women that were with them, which told these things unto the apostles." He is Risen! Happy Easter, friends.

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