A few weeks ago I was ordering something off of Paper Source, and wanted to use their "email sign-up" promo code. Oh, but I have definitely already used that with my current email. So, I tried my luck at hacking into my old email account (pre-marriage) in order to get another promo code. We've all done that, right? The thing is, I haven't been able to get into my old email account in 5+ years. Somehow, I figured out the password and found an entire account jam-packed with junk mail that I have diverted over the years.

But, I also discovered years of old emails and g-chats with Mr. Sam Gray. It was like finding a modern-day box of love notes found in a dusty attic that I forgot even existed. How did I not think to ever look at my old emails!? Why haven't I saved these for posterity!? I literally found the first email he ever sent to me. I spent hours that night reading through these messages, laughing and crying at our early romance. I miss those kids.

Yesterday was Sam's birthday and, at the risk of embarrassing him, I'm going to share a little trip down memory lane with Rox&Sam. I thought about saving this post for our (7th) anniversary coming up, but just couldn't help myself. I mean, who needs a reason to say, "I love you." And, I do. I love that spgray.

Sam used to court via email, because that's what we did back in the day, yeah. I would find short little emails in my inbox, "Happy (whatever) day of (month)" with a little bit of inspiration, or something to make me laugh. The first email he ever sent was "Happy 25th of November," which was just a few days past our first date to Ginger's Cafe in Springville, UT. 

It has a link to Bruce Springteen's, Dancing in the Dark. 
Followed by, "I hope it makes you as happy as it made me."

Heart melting.

But, it was "Happy 10th of December" that really made me fall for the guy. 
Sam Gray sent me the following video, casually inserting it into a message about how he hoped I wasn't stressed about my writing assignment that was due. 

I didn't need an old email to remember this one. I was sitting on the floor of my kitchen in our house that I rented with five other girls, when I squealed and ramped up the volume. We all danced in my kitchen, playing the song on repeat. I remember the afternoon sun filtering through that dingy kitchen, and the giddy conversation that erupted afterward. "Um, Roxy. I think he's into you..."

I even have an email to my sister that same day, telling her about The Jets and "Sam Gray, that guy I told you about. Well, we have been seeing each other and I think I like him a lot." She responded with a list of the best parts of the Crush video, and a simple "I love reading about how happy you are."

This video is a perfect representation of Sam Gray's affection. He's subtle-y not subtle. He would never come to tell me he had a crush on me in person, but he would pepper me with 80s dance videos that so clearly state it for him. He may not shout it from the rooftops or wear his emotions on his sleeve, but he shows his love through the best ways. He spends his days caring for me and the girls, and is eternally forgiving of my flaws and shortcomings. Sam is loyal and devoted to making this family happy, and I will forever be grateful for him. 

Happy Birthday, SPG. I love you.

Photo credit: A long lost snap from the depths of the old email account. I believe this was taken on a road trip through some tiny Utah town while we were dating.


  1. What a baby he is!! Love you guys the most.

  2. I remember that day! I still think it's incredibly adorable! So glad you guys found each other.