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Sadie Baby is one year.

I love that second picture of her, because it's how I will remember her at this age. Right at her year mark, Sadie just started to blossom with personality, independence, and a sweet sort of mischief. She was scooting along quite contentedly when, pretty much overnight, she figured out how to crawl and stand by herself. She is steady and strong, and getting into trouble.

Sadie is the sweetest. She finds the best moments to rest her head on your shoulder. Like, when I sit down in the backseat about put her in her carseat, she suddenly melts into my chest and I am forced to take a short, sweet moment to hold her and be still. She still sucks her thumb, and lovingly pinches you with her other hand. If she's by herself, she will suck her thumb and pinch her ear lobe or her own tiny arm. She loves our quiet moments, like when she wakes up, when no one else has come to break the quiet. Those moments when it's just the two of us and we can just be still.

I love this baby girl so much.

I waited so long. It took us 16 months to get pregnant this second time around. I was frustrated and sad, and just didn't understand how or why it wasn't working out the way I had planned. But, when I look at this baby girl with her toothy smile and her sweet downturned eyes, I want to cry and say, "Yes. I will take care of you. You are mine, forever." Yes, I would have waited longer if it meant having my Sadie. And, honestly- Yes, I could have three more if they were all like Sadie. She is everything I could have asked for in a baby.

I love this age. It's that glorious time where you, as a mom, are the tops. That baby wants you 90% of the time. That baby makes you feel like a million bucks. She can play by herself, doesn't talk back, and still wants to cuddle. And when you do the smallest thing to please or nourish her, that face lights up and makes you feel like pure gold.

Sadie Baby, you are golden. We love you.

Sadie at one year:

reaches- My favorite, favorite new development is "the reach." She will crawl over to my feet, sit down, look up at me, reach out her arms, and open and close her little hands. She does it whenever she sees me, no matter who is holding her. I feel like it's the first concrete communication she has developed. And, those tiny hands...

LOUD- She has also become quite vocal. She will tell you when she is upset or hungry or bored or needs a cuddle. She will yell it at the top of her lungs until you do something about it. This is the new Sadie, and she will no longer be ignored. She wants in on the action.

growl- Sadie growls like a little gremlin. It is the funniest sound. I need to get a good video of it, because I have a feeling it may not last long. She growls as a form of communication or just while she is casually playing. She loves it when you growl back at her, and will hold a full conversation if you let her.

"mama"- She's been saying it for awhile, but I think she is starting to say it when she is referring to me. It's hard to tell. She even picked up on one of my gestures. Lately, I have been trying to get her to learn the names of the family members. So, I point to Eliza and say "Eliza." Or, I pat my hand on my chest and say, "Mama." So, lately, Sadie says "mama, mama" and pats her belly like she's pointing to herself.

BIG- This child is huge all of a sudden. Like, long and large. I think all the moving is leaning her out a bit, but she is definitely getting longer. She still has that roll on her thigh, though. As long as she has that roll, I don't need to worry about my baby growing up. It's when the rolls melt away that you have a toddler on your hands.

games- Sadie loves to play games with you. She loves playing "drop the toy over and over." My favorite (Ha.) Except, sometimes when I allow myself to be patient and have fun with it, it can actually be really cute. She gets so excited to play.

molars- Sadie has actually been a bit of a nightmare this last week. Upon further investigation, we discovered that her molars were already coming in. So, I had to forgive her. Even if I'm getting sleepless nights. Silver lining: this baby can eat pretty much anything you give her. She has 10 teeth now!

standing- So, she is standing and pulling herself up now. She can't stand along without holding on, but she's definitely trying to. She will push herself up to her feet over and over, falling back on her bum. We have a coffee table in the living room that Eliza usually plays on. I love seeing Sadie's chubby hands grab onto the edge, until her eyes suddenly peek out from the edge. When, Eliza isn't looking she will snatch a toy or two, or swipe her hands around and scatter the legos. She's a quick one, and full of mischief these days.


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