sadie's first birthday.

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We celebrated Sadie Baby at the park with good friends. When I pictured Sadie's first birthday, I always saw flowers and cake because Sadie is soft and sweet. And, so that's what we did. I was proud of myself because I kept the party small (for my standards), with easy food, and decorations I already had. I just wanted to get friends together and relax with my baby girl.

We had hotdogs and hamburgers, and the kids ran around the playground all evening. Sadie was surprisingly cranky, and refused to smile for the camera unless I was literally holding a piece of food in front of her face. But, I forgive her because she mysteriously decided to keep her flower crown on for the second half of the party.

Also, the second we put that cake in front of her, her face lit up with delight. She already had a cake smash while were in Utah, so this time around she totally knew what was going in. She immediately picked up the entire mini cake with both hands and started to shoving it in her mouth. Sadie eating cake is the best thing you will see all year. 

The birthday girl also left everyone a present on the picnic blanket later. I still don't quite understand how it happened, but one minute she was sitting on the blanket, and the next minute she was crawling away, leaving behind a perfectly formed poop. She was wearing a diaper and bloomers! (!?) That crazy party girl.

We had a good time celebrating our sweet girl. I loved seeing her bask in her birthday bliss. I think she picked up on the fact that everyone was paying attention to her, and she really appreciated it. I'm so grateful for good friends who treat my girls like their own, and come out to a picnic birthday party for a baby. We had a good time.

Also, my mom came all the way out from Texas! It was so nice having her here to celebrate. She was such a help with the party, and with the girls. More to come, from our adventures the past few weeks...

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  1. No picture of the hostess gift Sadie gave you? Ha ha.