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In November, we went on a babymoon to Puerto Rico. We didn't think of it as, "This is our last time to have fun before the baby comes"- just maybe our last time to be slightly reckless and completely spontaneous without consequence. We had been talking about going somewhere for months and, a week before we left, the stars aligned enough for us to say, "Let's do it. NOW- before we change our minds." JetBlue had a good deal, it was a slow time at Sam's work, and I was finally getting over my terrible morning sickness. 

The best decision we ever made.

We went to Vieques, which is a small island just off the coast of Puerto Rico. If you're on the East Coast, this will be one of the cheapest trips you can make. It's so inexpensive to fly there, especially if you're scouting deals. And it's so completely worth it to spend a little extra cab money to take you to the ferry that goes to Vieques. I'm going to write up a complete travel guide for Vieques because I'm glad that so many of our friends convinced us to go there, and gave us perfect recommendations. It's such a dreamy place. Vieques used to be a naval base until very recently, and so the island has yet to be overrun by craziness. It almost feels untouched- lush jungle, wild mustangs grazing, beautiful empty beaches, and cool clear water. 

I will sell you on this, just you wait.

I've always attempted to convince all of my friends that you can't get married without a honeymoon. You just can't get married and rush right into regular life (if at all possible and affordable). Because it's not "regular life" anymore- you've added a second person to the equation, and most likely many more responsibilities. You need those few days or weeks to be together- just the two of you. Now I can add, a babymoon is also an absolute must. Sam and I needed that time together in Vieques. It's equally as exciting celebrating the beginning of a new married life with a honeymoon, as it is about starting a new family with a babymoon. It's a chance to stop stressing about every little thing that needs to be done, and be reminded why you even want to start a family together. And it all takes place in a happy haze, just like a honeymoon.

And hey, after throwing up for two months straight (in gutters and toilets and subway cars all over the city), I was laying on the beach with my belly hanging out and not a care in the world. That's something that every woman needs.

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