we made it.

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We made it!

The move went pretty smoothly, and we even got to spend an entire week in Utah with Sam's family while we waited for the moving truck. All of our stuff made it to Berkeley, with only a handful of (heartbreaking) breakables. All in all, a huge success. 

I am in love with the Bay Area. I was nervous and slightly unsure, but I can definitely say now that we were meant to be here. Our home is beautiful- full of potential and exciting ideas. It already feels like home, even covered in half-opened boxes. 

I have also never felt so healthy. Between the sunshine, the clean air, the fresh produce, and the genuine smiles around here- I think I may never move. 

Last weekend we spent Friday exploring Berkeley, Saturday all over San Francisco, and Sunday afternoon driving down the Pacific Highway to hang out at Stinson Beach. I tottered over the rocks while Sam jumped in and out of the boulders. Northern California really is beautiful and I can see many adventures on the horizon. Our little family is feeling pretty lucky right now.


  1. A) We worked together in the RB like a billion years ago, I'm Brittney. I would love to get in touch if you want to be friends again :)
    B) Welcome! It's awesome here.
    C) Zachary's is my absolute favorite pizza place in the entire world (deep dish) and the next time you explore, if you like pizza, explore there.

  2. roxy you just continue to sell me on this whole CA experience!

  3. They are expecting a blizzard in NYC with two FEET of snow! You are charmed. Ha ha.

  4. I love this. I am so excited for you guys--quite jealous as well!! :)