bath time.

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So, I am officially one of those people who posts a million photos of their kid. Get used to it. I am just going to assume that everyone wants to see a million photos of Eliza because she is just so beautiful!

We just had to snap a few of her first bath awhile back. It's one of those firsts that makes you want to cry and laugh at the same time. It feels like you're torturing your child, and you can't quite help but laugh a little at how worked up they get. You try and get them in and out of the tub as fast as you can, bundle them up, and then watch as they give you the most accusing eyes with that shaky lower lip. What a traitor. I made Sam do it because I knew I wouldn't be able to handle it. And, Eliza got her revenge when she pooped all over him right after he took her out of the bath. 

Poop is her weapon of choice with Sam. When she first came out, the first thing she did was poop all over Sam. And, just the other day, we had a slightly stressful drive in the car and I made Sam pull over on the side of the road so we could cuddle with Eliza a little to calm her down. Right as we buckled her back in her seat we heard what sounded like a triple blow-out. I told Sam he had better change her diaper before we get going, and he insisted that we were almost home and, "He didn't want to lose time." When we got home Eliza revealed the most epic poop canon that we had ever seen- all over her clothes and the car seat. Take that, Daddy.

Oh, and how proud am I that I can actually brush her hair? I just love it.

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