eliza roxie.

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Miss Eliza Roxie Gray.

She joined us on May 7, at 9:19 pm- weighing in at 6 lb 10 oz, and measuring 19 inches long.

Sam and I are obsessed with this little girl. It's hard to believe that she could be so perfect. She's a week old, and I have already had minor meltdowns because I feel like she is growing up too fast. We have about a million photos of this sweet babe, and it is amazing to look back and see how her face has already changed so much from day to day. 

She's such a beautiful girl. She came with a head full of dark hair, and big, bright eyes. She is an absolute angel baby, and has been learning and adjusting like a champ. I spend all day just staring at her and listening to those sweet, little noises she makes. 

I love it when she studies my face so intently, or when she wraps her little fingers around one of my curls while she feeds. My heart breaks when she uses that little, raspy cry where her bottom lip trembles. And, I love cuddling up next to Sam, while he holds Eliza with her cheek pressed against his chest. We are a little family. I couldn't be any happier than I am right now. 


  1. She is beautiful. My goodness, I thought baby Vera had a lot of hair. Eliza has her beat for sure! I thought about this yesterday, I was born in CA and my baby girl was born in TX; you were born in TX and your baby girl was born in CA. I don't know why I thought it was funny, but I guess things are funnier when you're up nursing at 2am. Isn't it amazing though how 6lbs 10oz feels so much heavier outside your body? I was stunned by how tiny and yet how enormous Vera felt. "You were inside my body!?"

  2. Have you picked out a college? Time is running out. Hee hee.

  3. Ohh sweet Eliza! Those first few weeks are so so magical.

  4. She is SOOOO gorgeous! I'm so happy for you guys! xo