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On Memorial Day Weekend, we took Eliza out to Stinson Beach for a little afternoon trip. It's her third day trip, so she's already a seasoned traveler. She actually loves car rides. It's a little traumatizing getting strapped in to the car seat, but once the car is rumbling- she's out. And, she loves fresh air. 

We are huge fans of the Moby Wrap. (Or, any wrap, I'm sure.) It takes awhile to get it all set up- but it's a life saver. Sometimes I wear it around the house all day just because it's a guarantee that Eliza will fall asleep almost instantly once she is burrowed up against you.

Sam always thought it looked ridiculous, but on the day we went to Stinson he decided to give it a try because he figured he could zip his jacket around it and nobody would know. At first he was legitimately worried that she was getting squished inside of there- not understanding that the point is for her to feel like she's back in the womb. Then, he just kept exclaiming, "She's so happy in there!" Now, I think I might have to fight him to get to wear the wrap myself.

We love Stinson Beach. It's our go-to day trip for visitors or Sunday drives. It's only about an hour from Berkeley- and you drive through Muir Woods to get there. It's not a warm beach, but it is one of the most beautiful. The redwood forests run right up to the shore, where the waves crash against huge boulders that jut out of the water. Oh, and by the way- this is where all of our Utah, New York, and Texas friends can gloat about how much warmer it is over there. I think I might have to carry a sweater with me year-round! 

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