five months.

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Wow, this month went by so fast! Obviously so fast that I forgot to pop in and say something about it. It's been a fun month, though. The most beautiful weather, coupled with my goal to visit every park in Berkeley, means we have a very happy baby on our hands. If she could be outside all day, she would. So, we do! September has been one of the nicest months of the year for playing outside. 

Eliza is so into the world around her these days. She has always been alert and curious. But, now she literally gets upset that she can't touch and taste and hold everything in sight all at once. We laugh because she reaches and reaches for something, and the second her fingers get hold of it she is already looking around for something else to grab. Also, you really have to work for smiles these days- she's way too interested in everything else to dish out those gummy grins on demand.

And, she is definitely on the MOVE! One day, I placed her on her play mat while I took a bathroom break- and when I came out she was half way across the room! The day has come that they kept warning me about. Don't let go of her for a second because she will wiggle and roll and tumble. Mobility is exciting and terrifying at the same time.

I'm so proud of my baby girl. I remember the doctor saying the day after she was born, "This girl gets what she wants." I always thought that sounded funny, like, it made her sound like a spoiled brat. But, I've learned that it means she will get what she wants by trying her hardest. She overcomes every little challenge that she finds. It's fun watching her figure things out so quickly, not happy until she succeeds. Sam and I are a little afraid that Eliza got a pretty hopped up concoction of the two of us. If you know the two of us, you know what I mean. There might be a little too much crazy in this family...

I love you, E. Thank you for being you!

Eliza at five months:
-squawks like a parrot
-chubby, chubby! (sort of)
-where is this light hair from!?
-rolling across the floor
-starting to scoot a tiny bit
-sitting up with a little help
-airplanes and swims on her belly
-always chewing on something
-wants to taste and touch everything
-loves blowing bubbles with her mouth
-spends most of her day at the parks
-developed a rather "charming" whine when she is not happy
-laughs and giggles when you play peek-a-boo
-has shown signs of "stranger danger"
-but, still likes to smile at people
-taking longer naps (yay!)
-wakes up 4-5 times at night (not cool)
-gets stuck on her belly in her crib
-grabs everything in sight
-has her calmer moments now
-not as interested in story time 
-but, loves singing time
-loves Daddy time "rough housing"
-sits on a booster in the Ergo to see out the top
-such a curious girl
-wants to take in everything all at once
-loves to chew on paper plates and (safe) candy wrappers

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