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Eliza completely destroyed her first solid food. We gave her rice cereal for her first meal. The article I read said to give her a couple of spoonfuls  just to see how she likes it. I gave her one taste and she lunged at me like some kind of animal. It's a good thing she was strapped down and stripped down. For the rest of the meal, she would grab at the spoon, the bowl, the food, my hands--stuffing it all in her sloppy mouth. Then she would get really angry that I wasn't feeding her fast enough, looking up at me with distressed eyes and a little rice cereal beard.

This little lady knows what she wants. "GIMME!"

And, in case you didn't get enough: 4 minutes of Eliza being adorably crazy. Nom, nom.



  1. oh my gosh you guys, it looks like she hasn't eaten in YEARS!

  2. When I said you could save money by feeding her every other day I was KIDDING!

  3. That was so hilarious!! I've never seen anything like this!! Rob and I are both having a hearty laugh :)

  4. I just watched this video of her and it made my day! She is hilarious and oh so cute!