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For Thanksgiving we took Eliza on her first plane ride out to Texas. Eliza and I stayed for two whole weeks, and we had a blast. I can't believe how fast two weeks can go, and yet it felt like we had been there so long. She grew so much just while we were there. She started making all of these new, funny faces and noises, and I felt like I was bringing home a new baby.

I just loved seeing her interact with my family. The last time my mom saw her, she was only a week old. The rest of my family saw her at six weeks, and my stepdad had never even met her. I purposely planned a two week stay because I wanted her to really feel comfortable with everyone. 

Oh, and she just loved everyone. I have honestly never seen her that kind of happy before. Not only did she have so many new things to look at, new toys to play with, and new faces to meet. But, she is finally at the age where she is showing real affection towards people. Her face would just light up every time I handed her over to someone new. Besides Sam, I've never really been able to sit back and see her develop such close relationships with others. They could make her giggle and smile in ways I had never even seen. 

Gosh, I wish we could live closer to family. We love and miss you!

(More pictures to comes!)

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