seven months.

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Eliza turned seven months while were on vacation in Texas! But, I haven't had any time to write about it until now. Between throwing our Christmas Party, and then immediately catching the flu (!), we've been pretty busy around here. Eliza has been forced to watch far too many very bad ABC Family Christmas movies this week. Poor girl.

But, here she is in all her big girl- seven month- holiday festive cuteness. She is huge, isn't she!? I feel like she passed the six month hump, and became this huge kid. Stop it!

Sam picked us out the most perfect, fluffy Christmas tree, and had it all set up by the time we got back from Texas. I think it was totally worth it, even if we would only get to enjoy it for a week and a half. She loves scooting over and clawing at all the wrapping paper. Or, batting at the one gold ornament I put low enough for her enjoyment. And, every night we go and turn the lights on together and I let her grab at the soft branches until she gets bored and tries to chew on the lights. She is just in awe. She doesn't swipe at it like she does other things. She softly and slowly reaches out and touches each little thing. I am loving babies at Christmas. So magical!

Eliza at seven months:
-funny, crooked smile
-discovered her tongue- it's always poking out of the side of her mouth now
-added "dadada" and "yayaya"
-twin cousin shrieks
-still scooting
-but, gets up on hands and knees
-loves shopping cart rides and restaurant high chairs (she's a people-watcher)
-one big tooth, and one disappearing act tooth
-survived her first plane rides, and made many friends on the plane
-favorite toys: Airhead candy, wrapped granola bars
-loves her new sippy cup
-up to two solid meals a day
-not stoked about her first visit with Santa
-first bath in the tub with her cousin
-her hair is getting longer and thicker
-loves Christmas lights
-taking two good, long naps (!)
-sleeping much better at night
-peek-a-boo will always get good giggles

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  1. this is so cute!! i love this! you make me excited to have a baby someday :) yaaaaaayyyy she's so cute.