san antonio.

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We had so much fun in San Antonio. We ended up downtown at El Mercado twice during the trip, because it was a perfect place for a baby. So much to look at it! Eliza's head whips around so fast, you have to hold on tight or she'll fall out of your arms. She was either clawing at every little colorful thing within reach, or just staring at the papel picado with her head thrown back and and her mouth wide open.

It was so awesome to have two full weeks because we got to do absolutely anything we felt like. We took her downtown to El Mercado, explored Broadway, and saw an exhibit at the McNay Art Museum. We drove to Boerne to browse the antique shops, and out to Austin to see family. And, we hit up every single one of my favorite restaurants. It was also fun getting to see a little bit of the Christmas season before we left. We got to help set up Christmas trees, and drove to see the twinkle lights. 


  1. Oh, your daughter is beautiful! I'm wondering, though, where did you find your shirt? It's awesome! :)

    1. I'm so sorry, I didn't see this comment! I got the shirt on sale at Anthropologie this summer. It's totally been my favorite shirt! Thanks!