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So, a couple of my friends and I have made a goal to "go" somewhere at least once a week. It's not that we don't get out- we are park hopping all day, taking the babes on hikes, and knocking out as many bakeries and ice cream shops as we can. Basically our days look like this:

Nap Time.
"Totland in 5? Ok, see you there."
Nap Time.
"Farmer's Market for ice cream in 5? See you there!"

I love that you can walk pretty much anywhere in Berkeley, or at the most a 5 minute drive. But, we realized we haven't been taking advantage of the Bay Area as much as should. So, we are going to take mini trips to San Francisco and other areas to try out new parks and museums- and of course, they might be chosen based on the local eats. We tend to eat a lot. (When people come to visit, I have every meal planned out. But, not much in between.)

Last week we went to the playground at Dolores Park in San Francisco. Sam and I had spent time at the park before, and explored the Mission. But, for some reason I didn't even notice the playground. It is probably the coolest park I have ever seen, and you can't beat the view. The babies spent the morning crawling all over, climbing the structures, and chasing pigeons. The play structures are so well-designed, and they have these neat musical installations in the tot area. The big kid section has huge slides and crazy things to climb. And, I liked that the park was covered in the bouncy rubber, instead of messy sand and wood chips. Except that it had just rained, so the babies got pretty soaked from crawling around.

Any other Bay Area recommendations? We're feeling pretty adventurous. 

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